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You wouldn't expect to find one of best tasting events in Tokyo to highlight the exotic and memorable flavors of Kagoshima. But every fourth friday of the month at the Tokyo Prince Hotel you can find exactly that. The monthly gathering came highly recommended from a friend with Metropolis Magazine, so when I found myself with no plans [...]

Finding Hope in Broken Places thumbnail

This year marks the 3rd anniversary of the tsunami. In Japan, there is an event call Shiji-go-san, literally seven five three, is a rite of passage for children, marking their third, fifth and seventh years on this earth, from an earlier time when many children did not survive these milestones. Shiji-go-san to me takes on an extra significance this year, as the first generation of children born since the tsunami turns three this year. Most people, when they recall their childhood, find it difficult to recall their first three years with clarity. What will this generation remember and learn from those tragic events, as well as the renewal and search for community building afterwards?

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A get-acquainted lunch meeting was arranged by Japan Travel's Geoff Day (Marketing Manager) with contributor Armand Vaquer at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo. Day and Vaquer were joined by Tom Roseveare, Content Manager, and Tom Hanaway, Community Manager for Japan Travel. At the meeting, they discussed future plans for Japan Travel and future articles that may be of interest [...]

Japanese garden and memorial in Kyoto

Hakusasonso Hashimoto Kansetsu memorial Museum and Garden, Kyoto

Interacting with local people gives you a unique view of Japan and hands-on experience as reporter. You will be officially published and we will provide you with a Letter of Recommendation. Opportunities for outstanding work to be published in print media. You will be an official reporter for JapanTravel. Internships run for 1-2 months, giving [...]

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As the year winds down we wish to formally announce a few major changes, as well as our outline our vision for the year ahead. First and foremost, we have changed our website name to JapanTravel.com, a change which has been live for several weeks now. This strategic move is an exciting change for us [...]

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